Weekly Report: January 23-29

Another good week. Although the tail end of the week was very food heavy. Had two birthdays to celebrate but tried to counter as much of the extra calories with equal time to burn them. Will see this next week if I succeeded and contintue to drop at my 2 lbs/week rate. 

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Body Fat %: January 30, 2017

I bought me a pair of Accu-Measure calipers to try to get a more accurate measure of my body fat percentage. I have been using my Withings scale since day one to track my weight loss. I know scales that use¬†bioelectrical impedance can be inaccurate. So I wanted to try to get a better idea […]

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Weekly Report: January 9-15

This week felt really good. It was the first week that I did strength training three times. I worked out with my trainer on Monday and did training by myself on Wednesday and Saturday. I’m also focusing on hitting not only my calorie goal but also my macro goals.

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