Full Body #1 Workout

Here is the Wednesday strength workout I do right now. As I have said before, I do full body workout and not one that focuses on specific body parts. I like this strategy because it keeps specific muscle groups getting too sore and therefore making it harder for me to do the other workouts I […]

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Wednesday Strength Workout

I raised the weight on all my lifts today. I also took all the risers under the step away for the burpee. Burned just under 600 calories for this workout. Takes me a bit to get motivated to get to the gym but once I’m there I just crank out the reps. Snatch Set 1: […]

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Saturday Workout

Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 9:10 AM Stand and Jump (Incline Bench) Set 1: 30 lb × 12 Set 2: 30 lb × 12 Set 3: 30 lb × 12 Set 4: 30 lb × 12 Set 5: 30 lb × 12 Seated Row Set 1: 120 lb × 15 Set 2: 120 lb × […]

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Introducing Heath Morrison

Hello everyone, my name is Heath Morrison, and I am a Personal Trainer. I am 33, and I was born and raised in Topeka. Scott and I have worked together for almost 10 months now, and as you can all see, he is continuing to make constant progress!!! So proud of his daily effort and […]

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