Tuesday 4.5 Mile Run

Last mid range run for my half marathon training. Feeling really good about my race on Saturday. I have two more scheduled runs before my race. Both are less than 2 miles. Weather is going to be crappy on Saturday at racetime but I’m ready to tick this off my bucket list. Advertisements

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Friday Strength Workout

Worked out a day eariler then usual this week. I moved my long run to Saturday morning and didn’t want to both. Been pressing myself this week on the weights. Snatch Set 1: 55 lb × 6 Set 2: 55 lb × 6 Set 3: 55 lb × 6 Set 4: 55 lb × 6 […]

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Wednesday Strength Workout

I raised the weight on all my lifts today. I also took all the risers under the step away for the burpee. Burned just under 600 calories for this workout. Takes me a bit to get motivated to get to the gym but once I’m there I just crank out the reps. Snatch Set 1: […]

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Tuesday 2.75 Mile Run

It still amazes me that I can run at the pace that I do. I remember when this particular route would take me almost an hour to walk. And I was just as tired and sweaty as I am now. Love the warmer weather. This will be my first spring as a runner.

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4/8/2017 Progress Report

This week has been building to my first half marathon in two weeks. Hit a record run this week on my way to completing 13.1 miles on April 22nd. This is also the last week that I have not been logging my food. Starting today I’ll be logging again to make sure I’m hitting my […]

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