Saturday Ride – 18.7 miles

Had a great ride this morning after sleeping in. Got home late last night from spending all day at a local amusement park, Worlds of Fun. Wasn’t sure if I was up for my full morning ride or not. But once I got out on the trail I felt really good so I wound up […]

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Weight Progress for 5/21/2017

Less of a trend this week then in previously weeks but .8 lb loss is still a loss and I’m happy with it. I’m also continuing to hold or increase lean mass which means the loss is almost entirely fat. I’m enjoying the combo of strength training and cardio I have set up for myself. […]

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Weight Progress for 5/7/2017

Nailed my weight loss trend for this week. I really sailed through the 230’s fast. Nice to see my trend a little less than the last new weeks. I know that seems weird to want to lose less but I’m really starting to see the affects of the weight loss on my body and I’m […]

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