Sunday Run – 7.0 Miles

Got up early this morning and ran Lake Shawnee. Wanting to do this every other Sunday. Usually I plan on going with friends but they are 1 for 3 at this point. It’s all good though. I still get my exercise in and it was a great day to get out and move. The wind […]

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Wednesday Strength Workout

I raised the weight on all my lifts today. I also took all the risers under the step away for the burpee. Burned just under 600 calories for this workout. Takes me a bit to get motivated to get to the gym but once I’m there I just crank out the reps. Snatch Set 1: […]

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Saturday: Progress Report

Not going to lie. This was a difficult week. Shane and I took off Friday of the previous week and Monday/Tuesday of this week. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday and the Super Bowl on Sunday. Then we went out to Red Lobster on Monday for his actual birthday. So much food! What I learned […]

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Yoga Me Do What?

So this past Wednesday I participated in hot yoga (Bikram yoga) for the first time with a couple of friends. Both have been before but had been awhile since their last class. They also seemed very nervous, maybe scared, of going back again. I have never done yoga before but wasn’t sure what all the […]

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