Weight Progress for 6/25/2017

Again I did not get my weekly update from my scale since Withings rebranded as Nokia last week. So I’ll be doing it old school from now on. Have to say I’m a bit disappointed with their support since the switch. The app isn’t even updating iHealth either. Very frustrated. But here is my weekly […]

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Weight Progress for 6/18/2017

No pretty graphic for my weight trend this week. I usually get my email from my scale with my trend by today and it still has not come. Withings got bought out by Nokia awhile back and this week was their rollout of the new branding, app, and website. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed […]

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Weight Progress for 6/4/2017

Not really sure what to say about this week. I’m assuming next week will either be a trend positive or maintaining. 2.3 pounds at this point is just unexpected. I went way over on Thursday because of an unexpected lunch with a friend but I knew I was under my weekly budget at that point […]

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Weight Progress for 5/28/2017

Another week, another loss. I have to admit, I was expecting a much smaller trend down this week. My week was pretty crazy and I didn’t get to eat as well as I wanted. I was over my calorie budget two of the days, one significantly. I had a split double shift on Tuesday for […]

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