Full Body #1 Workout

Here is the Wednesday strength workout I do right now. As I have said before, I do full body workout and not one that focuses on specific body parts. I like this strategy because it keeps specific muscle groups getting too sore and therefore making it harder for me to do the other workouts I […]

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What is EPOC?

Today, I wanted to briefly explain EPOC. It stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. What this basically means is that after a workout, your body continues to burn calories (some studies have found up to 18 hours post workout) after your bout of physical exertion. But what type of exercise has the longest EPOC effect?? […]

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Friday Strength Workout

Worked out a day eariler then usual this week. I moved my long run to Saturday morning and didn’t want to both. Been pressing myself this week on the weights. Snatch Set 1: 55 lb × 6 Set 2: 55 lb × 6 Set 3: 55 lb × 6 Set 4: 55 lb × 6 […]

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Wednesday Strength Workout

I raised the weight on all my lifts today. I also took all the risers under the step away for the burpee. Burned just under 600 calories for this workout. Takes me a bit to get motivated to get to the gym but once I’m there I just crank out the reps. Snatch Set 1: […]

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