Full Body #1 Workout

Here is the Wednesday strength workout I do right now. As I have said before, I do full body workout and not one that focuses on specific body parts. I like this strategy because it keeps specific muscle groups getting too sore and therefore making it harder for me to do the other workouts I […]

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Sunday Run – 7.0 Miles

Got up early this morning and ran Lake Shawnee. Wanting to do this every other Sunday. Usually I plan on going with friends but they are 1 for 3 at this point. It’s all good though. I still get my exercise in and it was a great day to get out and move. The wind […]

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Sunday Run – 6.6 miles

Today I got in the first post half marathon lake run. I plan on doing this every other week with my friend to gauge how well I’m progressing this spring/summer. I can’t believe it was only October of last year when I tried this run. I started out running a mile, walking a quarter mile, […]

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Saturday Ride – 18.8 miles

Second 18+ mile ride. Getting to the point where the trails are not going to be long enough for me to ride the distance I want unless I start doing some creative routes. I still have the Landon trail I can ride out and back to give me about another 5 miles I believe but […]

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Sunday Run – 7 miles

I have said it before and I will say it again. I can’t believe I’m at the point in my fitness where I can put on a t-shirt and some shorts and head out the door for a 7 mile run. It’s still a little bit nuts to me. I know I completed a half […]

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