Gadget Freak!

Got back to running today after a couple of weeks off. The last time I ran was on June 11th. So I figured I would get back to it. I already have 65 miles I have to work off from the donations to my Miles for Jennifer campaign. Figured a 5K would be good to get […]

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Miles for Jennifer

Decided to put my new body to good use. After spending time with my sisters former classmates this past week I want to compete in races (triathlons, marathons, obstacle courses) in memory of my sister and raise money for the organization that allowed Jennifer’s passing be a new start for others through organ donation. I […]

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Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)

I just read recently about the Fat free mass index (FFMI)? I found this calculator online to determine mine and the result is a bit intriguing but also kind of explains why I might be so successful with my weight loss so far. The FFMI calculator computes the muscle mass index for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts based […]

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