Saturday: Progress Report

Not going to lie. This was a difficult week. Shane and I took off Friday of the previous week and Monday/Tuesday of this week. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday and the Super Bowl on Sunday. Then we went out to Red Lobster on Monday for his actual birthday. So much food!

What I learned this week was that if I’m at home not doing anything I still have a penchant to eat. And on top of that with all the celebrating, the food selection was not all that healthy. And my body does not do well now with crap food. On top of all that, this Friday I went to hang out with my cousins and had a pork tenderloin for dinner. And tonight Shane really wanted Chinese food so I said “FUCK IT” and had some.

I’m just really glad that I have been keeping up with my working out to burn some of these calories off. Although with the crappy food I ate this past weekend made me question for the first time if I felt like working out this week. I pushed through it and always felt much better after I got done.

So without further ado, where is what I actually accomplished this week.

Sunday: First long fun of the week. I ran 3.25 miles in 35:09 for a 10’48” pace.

Monday: Recovery run before work. 1.89 miles in 20:10 for a 10’39” pace. After work I had my strength session with my trainer.

Tuesday: Speed run today. I went to the lake since I was off and totally  messed up how this run is supposed to work. This was a 5 x 400 m run with a two-minute rest between each interval. When I started the run it was not calculating my distance. I had to stop and start again but it logged the incomplete run in the app and I had to start over. When I manually started the speed run I was not aware how this was supposed to work so I did the distance/rest manually. I know for next time if this happens that I need to pause the run for the rest intervals.

Wednesday: I usually do weights on Wednesdays but I just didn’t feel like it so I only completed my recovery run. I was slower and definitely felt it. I ran 1.77 miles in 20:13 for a 11’24” pace.

Thursday: I went ahead and completed my strength training today. The burpee’s are still kicking my ass. I continued to use the same weight as last week. I also swam my 1250 yards.

Friday: Today was my long run for the week. I ran 3.28 miles in 35:08 minutes for a 10’41″pace. This was on par with my long run last week. I’m actually very happy with my pace so far on my long runs. At this pace I can complete my half-marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Saturday: I started my workout this morning by swimming 1250 yards. Then moved on to my strength training. I kept the same weight as last week but realized I was doing my side lunge to press incorrectly until today. I was forgetting the “press” part. And boy did my arms feel it. I’m glad I realized my mistake and corrected it.

To simplify my progress I’m only going to include a progress pic for the first report of the month. I just don’t change enough from week to week to warrant a half-naked picture of myself each week. I will also be posting my weight on Saturday with these progress reports. So I’m starting new since my previous reports from my scale were from Monday-Sunday and now they will be Sunday-Saturday.

Average weight last week: 252.54 lbs
Average weight this week: 252.78 lbs
Difference +.24 lbs

I don’t have many weeks where I have gained weight but I’m just glad after this week it wasn’t any worse than that. Next week it’s back to eating better and keeping up my training.


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