Gadget Freak!

Got back to running today after a couple of weeks off. The last time I ran was on June 11th. So I figured I would get back to it. I already have 65 miles I have to work off from the donations to my Miles for Jennifer campaign. Figured a 5K would be good to get […]

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Weight Progress for 6/25/2017

Again I did not get my weekly update from my scale since Withings rebranded as Nokia last week. So I’ll be doing it old school from now on. Have to say I’m a bit disappointed with their support since the switch. The app isn’t even updating iHealth either. Very frustrated. But here is my weekly […]

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Miles for Jennifer

Decided to put my new body to good use. After spending time with my sisters former classmates this past week I want to compete in races (triathlons, marathons, obstacle courses) in memory of my sister and raise money for the organization that allowed Jennifer’s passing be a new start for others through organ donation. I […]

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Weight Progress for 6/18/2017

No pretty graphic for my weight trend this week. I usually get my email from my scale with my trend by today and it still has not come. Withings got bought out by Nokia awhile back and this week was their rollout of the new branding, app, and website. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed […]

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Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI)

I just read recently about the Fat free mass index (FFMI)? I found this calculator online to determine mine and the result is a bit intriguing but also kind of explains why I might be so successful with my weight loss so far. The FFMI calculator computes the muscle mass index for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts based […]

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Full Body #1 Workout

Here is the Wednesday strength workout I do right now. As I have said before, I do full body workout and not one that focuses on specific body parts. I like this strategy because it keeps specific muscle groups getting too sore and therefore making it harder for me to do the other workouts I […]

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